Attblime 3D Laser Scanning Spray

ATTBLIME 3D Scanning Spray systems are optimised for 3D scanning black, shiny and reflective surfaces. Specially formulated cyclododecane vanishing/disappearing 3D scanning spray which self-sublimate giving a 3d scan time of between 1 to 6 hours depending on the spray type.

The 3D scanning sprays are suitable for both 3D laser scanners and white/blue light scanners.

All ATTBLIME 3D scanning sprays come with dual nozzles for better surface cover of the scanned area.

Attblime 3D Scanning Spray is free from TIO2, N-Hexane and Adamantane offering a safer option for 3D scanning for humans and the environment.

ABP-W and ABP-G are the permanent option which needs to be cleaned off after 3D scanning.

ATTBLIME AB6 VS Competitor 3D Scanning Spray